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December 20, 2021

Y’sod Yavneh – יסוד יבנה – Yavneh’s Founding

Author - Camp Yavneh

The Hebrew Teachers College board of trustees held a vote.  The result?  Eighteen people decided to support this endeavor.  They voted in favor of creating a Hebrew speaking camp that would act as a summer school for Hebrew College.  These people doubted its practical feasibility BUT all agreed that if it was at all possible, it should be tried and that Louis and Leah Hurwich were the people who could make it a reality.  These supporters also agreed that they had to BUY a fully equipped camp and pay for it in full, leaving behind no debts of any kind.  

In figuring out his financial plan, Louis Hurwich decided that he would only take contributions of $500 or more, aiming to collect a minimum of $20,000. By the time they were done, they had 37 founders, raising a total of $37,000.

In November 1943, Louis Hurwich and his wife Leah found that camp.  It met their requirements.  The owner had to sell the camp because war conditions made it impossible for them (the previous owners) to find counselors and suitable help.  That camp was located in Northwood, NH.  

The camp had a central building, which was the old chadar ochel (dining hall).  That central building also had a well-built kitchen. 

There was a farmhouse (haBayit haLavan/the White House) that was about 100 years old and still in good condition.  That house had 6 bedrooms.  

On the flat area of the camp (the migrash sport/sports field) there were 5 wooden tents with a total of 60 cots.  

The dining room could accommodate 60 campers.  

Everything was in fine condition since it was in continuous use.  

They bought the camp and all of its equipment for $18,000.