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November 23, 2021

Peulot Boker b’Machaneh Yavneh – פעולות בוקר במחנה יבנה- Chuggim

Author - Camp Yavneh

Chuggim! Chuggim! Oh so many electives to choose from! Chanichim (campers) have the opportunity to choose one activity and participate in it for multiple days in a row: to build skills with specialists, bond with campers outside of their tzrif (bunk), or try something new that they otherwise don’t get to do at home.

Check out some different options that have had over the past few years and we cannot wait to show what we have to offer for Kayitz ’22!

Animal Corner פינת חי Learn about animal care: nurture sheep, goats, chickens, puppies, and bunnies,and then use their eggs, milk, and wool to cook and create.
Archery קשתות A dedicated space for an archery range provides a safe environment for campers to test and develop their skills with a bow and arrow.
Ball/Floor Hockey הוקי Keep the sneakers, but try out your game play with this hockey chug.
Baseball/Softball כדור בסיס Field, hit, and score in this quintessential American summer sport! The batting cage is waiting for you!
Basketball כדור סל A Yavneh favorite: we have outdoor and indoor courts to accomodate all those who choose basketball chug.
Boating שייט Campers have the opportunity to learn and play in canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and corcls.
Ceramics קרמיקה If you love the feeling of clay between your fingers, join the ceramics chug for an amazing creative process.
Chess שחמט Learn the basics or advance your knowledge of the game.
Cooking בישול Chop, prep, eat, repeat. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in bishul chug.
Creative Writing /Journalism כתיבה יוצרת Keep calm and write on. Come discover the story within you.
Dance ריקוד Feel the rhythm and get into the groove with our awesome rikkud chug.
Drama דרמה For those who love theatre, we need you for the camp play. The stage is where it’s at, so break a leg!
Fishing דייג Curious about what it takes to become a fisherman? Enjoy the Agam docks in fishing chug.
Football כדורגל אמריקאי Flag football or two-hand touch…learn the patterns and develop the skills to score a touchdown for your team.
Guitar/Ukelele גיטרה The chords are the foundation in this chug, and you’ll really be playing by the end of the session!
Martial Arts/Judo ג׳ודו Learn the disciplines of mind and body while developing your talents as a martial artist.