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April 13, 2022

The Magic of Maccabiah

Author - Camp Yavneh

“Is it happening, is it not?”

Every year we jest

That Maccabiah can’t be done

For some reason or request.


But each year we manage

To team up and compete,

With a breakout that’s fun

And a few days in the heat…


To run relays and challenges

The sports kiddos get to shine.

And our artsy campers have space too

To show their skills so divine:


Our tekes is filled

With talent galore.

And our plugah captains

Teach cheers and much more!


But it could be said

That the biggest reveal,

Is the shelet team’s work

Which is a pretty big deal.


The artistry on display

Is surely impressive –

Plaques all over our walls

We are quite obsessive!


B’hatzlachah to this year’s teams!

Surprises – there’s always a few,

A fantastic and menschy competition

Is heading for camp in Kayitz ‘22!