Why We Chose Yavneh

We chose Yavneh for our kids because we like what the camp stands for. It is serious about Judaism and pluralistic at the same time. We are both still in touch with some of our friends from camp and it is fun to see them as they drop off their children.

The entire Yavneh experience impacted me greatly. It began my serious journey of exploring my Judaism, which eventually lead to my career choice.

Our kids have so loved their Yavneh experiences. They have made friends with whom they have maintained contact throughout the year, despite the fact that we live neither in the Boston or New York area, from where many of the campers come. They still sing their songs 6 months after camp and are already talking about their next summer.

~ Jenn Finkelstein, Pittsburgh, PA

Dan and I chose Yavneh because: One, I have been talking about my time at Yavneh since Dan and I met (!)” and two, because we wanted our children to experience the special friendships and wonderful memories I have from camp.

Sharing Shabbat with friends, Israeli dancing, speaking Hebrew - all helped me feel what it means to be Jewish. It also motivated me to become more observant as an adult.

My kids love the fact that their mom went to Yavneh and love seeing my name in the bunks!

~ Amy Levitan Rosen, Sharon, MA

Three Reasons Why We Chose Yavneh for Our Son Max:

1. We chose Yavneh for Max because it's the best camp! It has everything - sports, learning, fun and all in a warm, safe Jewish environment.
2. The greatest impact of Yavneh is the network of friends (including in Israel)
3. Max loves Yavneh and can't wait to be back - in KEREM.

~ David Goren and Rae Merlin, Israel