Sending Packages

Sending Packages header
Sending Packages header

It is fun getting stuff sent from home, and we encourage you to send small items to your child, such as newspaper clippings, stationery, sports cards, pictures, etc. Please use padded 9” x 12”envelopes, and remember that space is limited in the bunks. Please note that campers may no longer receive packages (except in the padded envelopes) at camp!

Because of our friendly critters in the New Hampshire woods, food and gum is not allowed in the bunks. To ensure compliance, all padded envelopes will be opened. Campers who celebrate their birthdays at camp may receive one package for their birthday, and Kerem campers may still receive packages. But these, too, will be opened and checked before being delivered.

Camp Yavneh
18 Lucas Pond Rd.
Northwood, NH 03261

Please be sure to include the campers’ name and bunk number on all packages and mail.