Packing List

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Packing List header

What Do I Need to Bring?

This is a suggested packing list for a 4 week session. Quantity may vary depending on your child. Individual “cubby space” is limited, so please pack less rather than more. Every item your child brings to camp MUST be labeled with your child’s name. We suggest writing your child’s full name. Do not use initials. Use an indelible marker where nametags cannot be sewn or pressed. Send the marker to camp with your child in case nametags come loose. There will be 3 laundry days for each session and one laundry day for each two week session.


  • 10-12 T-shirts
  • 2-4 long-sleeved shirts
  • 14 pairs of underwear
  • 8 pairs of shorts
  • 6 pairs of pants
  • 4 pairs of pajamas/other sleepwear
  • 3 sweaters/sweatshirts
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1 bathrobe
  • 1 white T-shirt for tye-dying (or any other white item)
  • 4 bathing suits (No bikinis - see new policy)
  • 2 hat/caps (for sun)
  • 1 raincoat/poncho
  • 1 pair rain shoes (crocs, boots, etc.)
  • 14 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of sneakers
  • 1 pair flip flops

Shabbat Clothing
  • Girls:
  • 4 or 5 outfits (skirts or dresses)
  • nice shoes (or nice sandals)
  • Boys:
  • 3 collar or button shirts
  • 3 pairs of pants (ex. Khakis, Chinos)
  • 3 pairs of nicer shorts
  • 1 pair of nice shoes (or nice sandals)

Toiletry Items:
  • toothpaste,* toothbrush,* and container*
  • comb/brush*
  • soap & container or body wash*
  • tissues*
  • shampoo*
  • drinking cup*
  • plastic pail (to carry items to shower)

Bedding and Linens:
  • 10 towels (beach/bath)
  • 2 blankets
  • 3 pillow cases
  • 3 sets of sheets (twin or cot sized)
  • 1 mattress pad (twin or cot sized)
  • 1 pillow

Other necessary items
  • 1 laundry bag
  • 1 backpack (for trip days)
  • 1 sleeping bag (needed for overnights)
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • insect bite medication (caladryl)
  • extra pair eyeglasses/extra contacts
  • sunglasses
  • flashlight
  • water bottle (required!)
  • paper and evelopes, stamps, pens
  • 6 kippot, Tefillin (labelled with your name!), Talit or Tzitzit
Kippot, hats, or baseball caps* are worn at
all meals and services. Boys who have become
Bar Mitzvah wear Talit and T’fillin. This is
optional for girls.

Suggested Items:
  • musical instrument & music
  • camera (disposables are great)*
  • small clip fan
  • props for talent show
  • baseball glove, tennis racquet
  • swimming goggles*
  • shoe bag
  • hiking boots
  • basket for socks/toiletries
  • comics/magazines/books
  • soccer shin guards
  • indoor games (ex. chess, checkers, cards*, Othello,
    Fluxx, Quiddler, etc. )

Helpful Hints: Ziplock bags are great for
organizing underwear, socks, toiletries, etc.
Self-addressed, stamped envelopes are essential
for younger campers!

If you choose to send plastic drawers, please limit
the size to 36”high x 16”wide x 18”deep. Please
note that if you bring drawers you will not receive
a wooden cubby.

* These items are going to be available for purchase at Kolbo (the camp store) if your child runs out or forgets to bring to camp.