Opening Day Procedures 2012

Camp Yavneh will soon begin its 68th season with many exciting things on tap. We have exceptional head staff, specialists, scholars and bunk counselors. The summer of 2012 will be one to remember!

We ask you to carefully read the following instructions in their entirety. Since this is one our last correspondences before camp, please keep this letter as a reference.

Our opening day procedures will be as follows:

Camp will open on Wednesday, June 27th. Campers may arrive between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Camper’s beds are pre-assigned. Kerem/CIT arrive on Sunday, June 24 at 4:00 p.m.

At 11:00 AM on opening day we will conduct a tour of the camp for adults and non-camper children. We think new families would like to see where their children will be spending the summer! This tour does not include campers as they will be shown around camp with their bunk. You will hear an announcement regarding the tour over the loud speaker.

Campers accounts must be fully paid up to receive their bunk assignment upon arrival at camp. – If your account is paid in full and we have all of your forms you will qualify for “EXPRESS CHECK IN” and can bypass the “pavilion office” at the back field where you enter camp. All campers will have to stop for a lice check.

For those of you that want to discuss any health issues with the nurses you can visit the health tent at check in. If your child has been exposed to a contagious disease or is not feeling well on opening day please keep your child home until the doctor gives permission to come to camp. We think you will agree that it is easier to keep your child home than to make the trip and be forced to return home.

All medications, except for inhalers and epi-pens, must be arranged through CampMeds. If you come to camp with medication that should have been sent through CampMeds you will be charged $100 dispensing fee. In order to avoid a late fee you must register with Campmeds before May 27th. The website is: All questions concerning medications should be directed to Campmeds at 954 577-0025.

Parents who wish to discuss a particular problem with our nurses are encouraged to email .

Please walk your child to the bunk, help unpack, meet with the counselors briefly and then say your goodbyes. Rest assured, your child will be in loving and caring hands! For new campers, sometimes staying too long delays the transition to camp and can add to your child’s anxiety level.

For further information
Homesickness: Dispelling the myths. Whether your child has been to camp or not, homesickness is a normal and predictable part of many campers experience. Please take a minute to read the attached article. In this attachment you will also find a brief explanation of our advisors (yoetzet) role at camp. There are helpful hints in our handbook as well which can be found by logging into your campintouch account under forms and documents.

Technology policy should be re-read and can be found in our handbook.

Other Information:
Bunk placement: We will do our best to honor at least one of your placement requests. There is a bunk request form in the forms and documents section on your campintouch account. There will be NO switching of bunks on opening day. Remember all beds are pre-assigned.

Email: New this year! All emails to campers are processed through your campintouch account. Emails are limited to 6 per week. Your campers look forward to hearing from you so please email each day (except on Shabbat). Even older, seasoned campers look forward to receiving emails. Instructions on how to email your camper will be given out at check in on opening day.

Food: Please do not send food or bottled water of any kind to camp. We will confiscate any food packages. Incoming luggage will be checked. Very important: Please remember to pack a water bottle for your child.

Food Allergies: Please email Jeff Weener at to discuss your child’s food allergies.

Mail: Please send self-addressed stamped envelopes to camp with your child. Often, kids’ handwriting is illegible and letters are returned to camp or left undelivered. Remember to write your child’s bunk number on the front of all correspondence to him/her.This will ensure same-day delivery of your letters to your camper(s). Your cooperation in this matter is important! PACKAGES ARE NOT ACCEPTED AT CAMP. You may send your child one or two padded envelopes with printed material, stickers etc. Please do not have other family members send extra packages. The exception is campers’ summer birthdays!

Packing list: You can find a copy of the packing list by logging into your campintouch account under forms and documents.

Spending Money: Parents of Gurim and Kfirim campers (ages 8-12) should not allow their child to bring extra spending money to camp with the exception of some change for tzedekah pre-Shabbat. Understanding that older campers like to bring “their own money”, please ask them to limit the money they bring to camp. Spending money is distributed to campers by the camp as necessary and is covered by tuition.

Summer updates: You will be able to read updates from all areas of camp on the website. Pictures will be posted periodically as well by logging into your campintouch account.

Talit/tzizit: All boys that have become Bar Mitzvah should remember to bring tallit or Tzizit (tallit katan) and tefillin (properly labeled) to camp. Tallit or Tzizit is required for t’fillot. Girls whose tradition it is to wear tallit and tefillin are encouraged to bring them to camp.

T-shirts: As part of camp tuition, each child will receive 2 camp T-shirts on opening day; Kaytana will receive one. For security reasons campers will be required to wear camp t-shirts on trips out of camp. Some camp clothing items will be available for purchase on opening day. Come visit Kolbo- our camp store on opening day ! For more practical items available for purchase for camp click on:

Visiting Day: There will be one visiting day for full season campers only, Sunday July 22nd. We ask you not to "stop by" the camp if you are in the area if it is not Visiting Day. This is most disruptive to the camp program. Instructions concerning visiting day will be sent in July.

After June 20th correspondence with the girls or boys head counselor should be sent to: or

Other news... As always there are many exciting improvements and changes at Machaneh Yavneh! The biggest change is the new Ben Zvi that is being built for use this summer. We have also put in new bathrooms at the dining hall, renovated much of the girls area and put up new basketball rims in the Bet Ha’am. The usual painting and sprucing up of many parts of camp is nearly complete. The staff has been hired and is anxiously awaiting the summer. You can read about the head staff by logging into your campintouch account under forms and documents at

Should there be any questions pertaining to camp left unanswered, please do not hesitate to call us. After June 13th all mail should be sent to our summer address:

Camp Yavneh
18 Lucas Pond Rd.
Northwood, NH 03261
603 942-5593

We look forward to greeting you in sunny New Hampshire!
Debbie Sussman, Director