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Who are we?

What is Family Camp at Yavneh?
Family Camp at Yavneh will be an opportunity for Jewish families, singles, couples, and grandparents to spend four days and nights together for fun and learning. Take this opportunity to spend time with your own family while making new friendships and creating new bonds with other families. There will be programming available for all ages as well as time to relax and enjoy summer and our facilities.

Who is Camp Yavneh affiliated with?
We are a K'lal Yisrael camp open to Jews of all backgrounds. Our camp is strictly kosher and Shomer Shabbat.

What is the camp philosophy?
Camp Yavneh was founded with a religious perspective that is trans-denominational. We welcome & embrace Jews of all denominations. Yavneh is committed to creating an environment in which individual's identities will be safeguarded, but in which people will have the opportunity to engage and challenge. The Camp is committed to this ideal of interpersonal engagement, because through exposure and understanding people deepen their own self-understanding and connections to Jewish life and tradition through their appreciation of legitimate, alternative points of view.

Where will the families come from?
Our largest draw is in the New England states. Though, we will also have families from other parts of the country.

Where is the camp located?
We are in southern New Hampshire, an easy 1-½ hour drive from Boston and a 5-hour drive from NYC. If you are driving up to camp on a weekend or Friday afternoon allow extra time due to traffic. The closest airport is in Manchester NH and is approximately 25 minutes from camp. Click here for driving instructions.

What are the Dates of Family Camp at Yavneh?
Wednesday afternoon, August 21 - Sunday afternoon, August 25. With a pre-camp option from Monday afternoon, Aug. 19 - Wed. afternoon Aug. 21 when the rest of the family campers arrive.

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Jewish Experience

What is the Jewish educational program at Family Camp at Yavneh?
Our Scholars-in-residence and staff of professional educators will be offering optional sessions throughout the weekend. Take part in the study of a variety of topics from Israel to Shabbat to Judaism and the environment.

How does Family Camp at Yavneh deal with tefillot (prayers) for families from diverse backgrounds?
Camp has both Orthodox and egalitarian services. There will also be a learner's minyan/service for those who would like to understand more about Jewish prayer. Three minyanim daily will be available for our families.

What is Shabbat like at Family Camp at Yavneh?
Shabbat will be a time to relax, study, and enjoy the spirit of the day. Shabbat will be brought in with singing and ruach. We will sing Shabbat zemirot (songs) together at meals. Study sessions related to Shabbat and various other subjects will be offered for children and adults. And finally we will end Shabbat together with Havdallah and Israeli dance. The waterfront will be open on Shabbat for swimming only.

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Should I bring extra food with me?
There will be plenty of food available including daytime and evening snacks, and an open juice bar. However, if you have favorite foods/snacks that you want to keep in your room, we ask that these foods be marked Kosher. NO outside food is allowed into the dining hall.

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Baby Sitting

Is baby-sitting available?
Babysitting will be available at designated times during adult programming at no extra charge.

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Rainy Day Schedule

What if it rains?
Life/camp goes on. Our rainy day activities will far surpass your rainy day dreams!

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How can someone reach me while I am at Family Camp?
Most cell phones get reception in Northwood. We will also give you contact numbers as time gets closer.

Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, due to health code, we cannot have pets at camp.

Should we bring sports equipment?
We will provide all the necessary equipment for sporting games. However, you may choose to bring your own baseball glove or tennis racquet, etc.

What about floatation devices for the waterfront?
Yavneh will provide devices (PFD's - life jackets) for boating purposes. However, if your child requires personal flotation (swimmies), please bring your own.

What should we pack?
We will send you a suggested packing list along with more detailed information about the week when you register.

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Fun Factor

What is the Fun Factor of family Camp at Yavneh?
It can only be described as: "the time of your life"!

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Sign Me Up!

What's the next step?
Send in your application with a deposit and we will mail you a questionnaire to find out more about your family's interest and needs. Click here to go to our application.

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