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Who are we?

Who is Camp Yavneh affiliated with?
We are a K’lal Yisrael camp open to Jews of all backgrounds. Our camp is strictly kosher and Shomer Shabbat. Our campers, 325 each session, come from a range of religious observances. Our campers attend Jewish day schools as well as Synagogue and community religious schools. Our goal is to build a community from these diverse backgrounds and each and every camper finds a place at Yavneh that is comfortable. Some families come from more rural settings and find Yavneh offers their child a strong Jewish base that lasts them from summer to summer! Click here to read about our camp philosophy.

Where do Camp Yavneh campers come from
Our largest draw is in the New England states. We have quite a number from the New York/New Jersey area (we provide bus transportation to/from NYC), and the Baltimore/Washington area. In addition to those locations, we attract campers from many other states, Israel, and other foreign countries.

Where is the camp located?
We are in southern New Hampshire, an easy 90 minute drive from Boston and a 5 hour drive from NYC. If you are driving up to camp on a weekend or Friday afternoon allow extra time due to traffic. The closest airport is in Manchester NH and is approximately 30 minutes from camp. Click here for driving instructions.

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Jewish Experience

How does camp deal with t'fillot (prayers) for kids from diverse backgrounds?
Camp has both orthodox and egalitarian services available to our campers. The younger campers have a learning service that is geared appropriately to their age group. T’fillot are camper led with input from our staff including our teachers.

What is the Jewish educational program at Yavneh?
Yavneh was established as an educational Hebrew speaking camp in 1944. The camp remains educational and although it is no longer Hebrew speaking, we make announcements in Hebrew, refer to buildings and activities in Hebrew and our plays are partially in Hebrew. In addition, the campers take a Hebrew/Judaic class daily with our professional teaching staff headed by Rabbi Maccabee Avishur. Click here for bios on our head staff. Each summer we have a theme that is woven into the fabric of the week. We boast of our wonderful warm Shabbat atmosphere and strong Israeli programming. Yavneh also sponsors a 6-week summer in Israel program called Na’aleh, (click here for more info. on Na’aleh) after the campers’ Kerem or CIT year (11th grade).

Is tutoring available?
We offer the following tutoring: bar/bat mitzvah lessons, Judaics, Hebrew language, and most secular studies. You will receive a form in the spring on which you can request that we arrange lessons with a teacher/Rabbi of your choosing. If you just want someone to listen to your child in preparation for their upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we can also arrange for that as well. There is a fee for tutoring.

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Can I call my child while they are at camp?
Most children adjust very quickly to being away from home. For some campers the adjustment is longer and a bit more difficult than for others. Speaking with parents while at camp can create a situation where children miss home and need to go through their adjustment all over again. Email or regular mail is highly encouraged on your part and the campers must write home twice weekly. The campers may not email or call home.

Can I stop by and visit while I am in the area?
Parents are not allowed to just stop in to camp. For the same reason that we don’t allow phone calls, parent visits can be incredibly disruptive to the campers and the camp program. Please do not stop by when in the neighborhood.

How can I see what is going on at camp during the summer?
Check out the blog section of our website. It will be updated regularly with pictures and news from the staff. You will receive the password on opening day.

Is there a way to know how my child is doing at camp?
Yes! Every week the Roshei Aydah (Unit Heads) post blogs and pictures from your child’s aydah. We make every effort to keep these postings up to date and informative. Campers are also required to write home twice a week however, many campers write very little of substance in their letters but basically the old adage that no news is good news holds here. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child please email Davida Amkraut (Girls Head counselor) at or Meir Deutsch (Boys head counselor)at . Also, please feel free to call the camp office at 603-942-5593 anytime.

Is there anything else concerning communication I should know about?
Yes. Our head staff all use email on a regular basis. The head boys and girls counselors are accessible by email and will return an email back to you within 24 hours.
To email the Head counselor for your child click here.

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Camper Registration and Camp Visits

I would like to learn more about camp Yavneh and Visit While in Session.
Please call the camp office 942-5593 to learn more or arrange a visit or email us at and someone will get back to you. Visits usually last about an hour. There are no visits Friday afternoon, Shabbat or trip days. You may also fill out our inquiry form here and someone in our office will call you.

How do I register for camp and when?
Registration for new families begins in mid November. Call the camp office or email us at if you would like to be put on our inquiry list. Click here to register online.

How quickly does camp fill up?
Unfortunately the answer is no. Yavneh is a very popular camp with a limited enrollment of approximately 325 campers. Don't hesitate, guarantee your child a space. Sign up in the fall or early winter.

I hear you have a 2-week program, how can we sign up?
Camp Yavneh offers a shorter camp program (2 weeks) for first time campers who are currently in the 2nd - 5th grades. The program is called Kaytana, and fills very quickly. Campers who come for Kaytana may stay for the remainder of the month long session upon agreement between the camp director and parents. The decision is made based on how well the camper has adjusted to camp during their Kaytana stay. Your child may only do Kaytana once. (For more info. on Kaytana, click here)

Is Scholarship available for camp?
Camp Yavneh has a generous scholarship program to help ensure that camp is available to families regardless of ability to pay. If you would like to receive a scholarship application, please click here. If you would like to help campers who are requesting scholarship, you can click here to make a donation to our scholarship fund.)

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Food at Camp

Is the food really as good as we hear?
The food is great. Our kitchen staff listens to the desires of our campers, watches what they like and dislike and considers the needs of kids both from a taste and nutrition perspective. For the occasional picky eater, we always have a salad bar with many tasty ingredients, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a vegetarian choice at all meat meals as well as a pasta bar at lunch and dinner. And fresh fruit is available for snacks. For more information on Yavneh Food Service (YFS) click here.

Is it true that you don’t allow food to be sent to camp?
It’s true! We provide nutritious meals with great desserts, snacks during the day, trips to Kolbo (our canteen) to get treats, and we have parties for every camper's birthday. We don’t allow food as it attracts critters to the bunks (since we are in the woods).

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What is the difference between the program of first and second session?
Each session has similar content regarding sports, art and waterfront activities. The big differences are that our Zimriyah (song festival) is in the first session. The second session has a Dance show –Rikudyah–along with the excitement of Maccabiah (color war). Other big events like the camp play vary from summer to summer. To learn more about what's happening this summer, click here.

Why do we need to send so many towels to camp?
Believe it or not, the kids can go through them. They use even more towels in a wet summer. The towels don’t have a chance to dry out so fast in the wet weather. If we knew that we would always have beautiful dry sunny weather we would recommend less towels, but it’s New England and the weather is unpredictable.

Do I need to give my camper money for spending?
No. We provide spending money whenever they leave camp on a trip that requires it. Additionally, we don’t charge for treats in our canteen. The only thing they can spend money on at camp is clothing and other sundries. These items will be charged to your bill and you can settle your account at the end of camp. We ask that you send change with your camper for Friday tzedekah.

What electronics can my child bring to camp?
Camp can be a good place to get away from attachment to video games and television. Please consider that although some kids do bring video games, many leave them home. There are lots of appropriate board games and card games that encourage the kids to play with each other instead of playing with the screen. iPods that play only songs are allowed. We don't allow any devices that play videos or that can communicate with other devices.

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