The 1980s

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Camp Yavneh in the 1980s.

Debbie Sussman, Shoshana Marcus, Margie Berkowitz, Avi Teken. Hot air balloon rally. Meteors falling from the sky. Monster emerging from the archeological dig. Michael Jackson look-alike. Pease air force base band. Arab diplomat in helicopter. Hypnotist. Helicopter/fake ax murder (a.k.a. Juan Valdez and Shoshana’s return!). The airplane? The police arrest at the Deerfield Fair. Mel returns. Betty chases Benjy through the Chadar Ochel. Towny raids. The Walls of Jericho. Raid on Entebbe.

David Hezi, Mel David. Haim Casper. David Wolf. Aaron Kula. Bon Pilavin. Captain Bob. JV softball defeat of Bauercrest in 1981. Kerem 1985 Intercamp Basketball Tournament winners. 1993 intercamp Basketball winners. Gunne Sax. Porch collapsing. Leva’im. Carnivals. Cotton candy. The Northwood circus. Roller-skating. Square Dancing. Moving Ben Tzvi. The new office. The old office. Building Beit Am. The amphitheater. Beit David. Luke. The King and I. The Sound of Music. Peter Pan. I Never Saw Another Butterfly. ALS practicals. Yavneh’s 45th anniversary – where are the campers? Birthday Bowl. Parsha Players. Fun yaks. July 4th parade. Take a Le Shake Break. Hoya. Yehuda Hoy. Arts festival. Banquet: Disney, Hawaiian, Love Boat, Hollywood, Olympics, Yom Kova, Yom Larry Bird.

Sargeants’ Camp. Mystery trip to the Newington Mall and then Canobie Lake Park. June crew. Overnights. Israeli dancing.

Mashiach, Mashiach, Mashiach, ay, yai, yai, yai, yai, yai. Lights on the basketball and tennis courts. The new screen doors. Tetherball. Keif v’gamish. Walkie Talkies. Where are the paper towels? Leach fields. Rug rats. Banim banim. The new girls’ shower house. The showers in the girls’ white bunk. John from across the lake. Buba Luv. The cemetery. The eruv. The horse. The visiting cows. The hike down the back road of camp. The new Kerem Lounge. Hotel Yavneh. Purple paint. Sutterbutt. The trials. Fishing in the canteen. The darkroom. Mikveh in the agam.

Where are all the cubbies? Fire drills. Clogged toilets? Exploding sinks and showers. Sleep-ins. Shmira. Curfew. Camp America. Live by the fish. Israeli scouts. Moseh Yes. Safam. The Brody Family (da, da, da, da, da, snap, snap). Water Country, water country, water country, have some fun! S-H-A-B-B-O-S-C-L-U-B Shabbos Club, oh yeah! Hakshivu, hakshivu na. Barbara Streisand na l’vo l’misrad. Electives. Rocketry. Windsurfers. Tai Kwon Do. Maccabiah mascots. Soccer camp. Basketball camp. Ice cream trips to Johnson’s Friendly’s. Laundry. Swosh. Polystyrene. Sweat in the mitz. Days off. Nights out. Trip days. Sport days. Skipping classes. Zimriah. Rikudiah. Maccabiah. Sifriah. Swimming excuses. Zoog time. Sheket Bevakasha wars. Yom hooledet sameyach l’Reuben Beiser v’Harvey Mamon. Movies in the Chadar Ochel. Wacky Olympics. Dizzy Izzy. The Apache relay race. Sadie Hawkins dance. The bullfrogs at night on the agam. Skinny-dipping. Herman the turtle. The night the male and female counselors switched bunks. The counselor banquet. The last night social. The words, “Machaneh Yavneh” fading in candlelight and moonlight on the agam. Doug.